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We’ve received some very sweet praise recently:

I have so much love for Tel and what she does for the community! I was lucky to have my second Arvigo Therapy appointment with her today and can’t say enough good things. We shared a pot of tea, some lovely conversation, she worked on my front and back, giving a relaxed yet invigorating massage. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should! Releasing pelvic and low back issues, working on posture and alignment all while you feel like you’re talking to a friend you’ve known for years. And then a healthy bm later in the day to boot. What’s not to love?!

I have also had the pleasure of seeing Tel in action as a midwife and labor support and she is fabulous. As a birth worker myself, I can honestly say that her calm, knowledgeable, supportive presence is EXACTLY what you want and need at your birth! Tel is a wealth of knowledge about birth and our bodies. Such a gem that we are so lucky to have snatched up! And if you needed more reason to go see her, her office mate is also amazing! Michelle is a hypnotherapist and teaches hypnobirthing! Another sweet soul in the same office. Cant’ go wrong!

Thank you again, Tel, for your wisdom and words of encouragement. You are truly a wonderful person and outstanding practitioner.

Gabi, Taproot Midwifery Client

Imagine prenatal care with a provider your older child and partner love, where every hour long appointment includes questions patiently and lovingly answered (for the parents and the four-year-old), fact based information, fears addressed and dealt with, and where you are empowered and cared for. All women deserve this prenatal experience. It’s possible with Tel Viehmann Cunningfolk of Taproot Midwifery.

In the final stretch before welcoming our baby love, [we] look forward to our weekly prenatal appointments with Tel.

Maricela, Taproot Midwifery Client

We are so lucky to have amazing midwives like Tel Viehmann Cunningfolk in California. Her passion for birth is inspiring and she truly cares about the families in our community.Thank you for all that you do Taproot Midwifery!

Sonya Bishop, Doula

A beautiful kind soul. Tel helped me sort through things during my last pregnancy. She’s easy to talk to and is readily available. I like that she created a walking group for her mamas, not only to create a community among us, but also so she can maintain a relationship with her clients. We’re looking forward to collaborating with her again real soon.

Gennica, Taproot Midwifery Client

Tel is one of the few home birth midwives I know of anywhere in the country who is actively, openly grounding her practice in anti-oppression work. The language on her website is so unique–it not just acknowledges, but affirms that families are created in myriad ways…

Seriously?! My heart is all a flutter…when is the last time you saw something like this on a midwifery practice’s page? In a world that usually hypes up soft Anne Geddes style images mostly upper-class, white women breastfeeding white babies, it is refreshing beyond belief to read about her approach to midwifery.

Read the full post from Lena at Notes From a Student Midwife.

Pregnancy is the most vulnerable time in a woman’s life…how incredibly lucky that there is a midwife that they can trust to support and protect without judgements and with a pure heart. Tel mixes practical knowledge with the heart of someone who can love unconditionally. Her gift to your family goes way beyond medical safety, she becomes a family member who nurtures you through every step of your journey. Anyone smart enough to have Tel be part of their journey will find that wise choice rewarded over and over again.

Stephanie Soderblom, LM

Midwife of the YearTel Viehmann Cunningfolk, LM, CPM, AP was named 2015 Midwife of the Year by the Doulas Association of Southern California!

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