State of the Midwife: Sacramento Edition

As Taproot Midwifery gets ready to relocate to Sacramento, CA in January 2016, I’m finding that there are a lot of changes happening around here that I’m excited to share with y’all.

  1. I’m already taking new clients! We’re having appointments through video chat until I’m physically in Sacramento and so far, it’s almost as lovely and intimate as my current in-person home visits. Are you interested in becoming a Taproot Midwifery client? We can arrange for a free video-chat interview anytime you want, or an in-person interview starting in January. Just reach out to me here to schedule your appointment.

    Here’s the fine print about new Taproot Midwifery clients in Sacramento. I am now accepting:
    –> Birth clients due May 2016 or later with prenatal appointments starting immediately
    –> Fertility consults starting now for clients wanting to begin inseminations in January 2016 or later
    –> Arvigo Therapy and Well Body appointments starting in January 2016

    First Annual Taproot Midwifery Picnic

    We’re getting ready to have our second annual Taproot Midwifery Picnic. This is a picture from the very first one. Weren’t we cute?

  2. Taproot Midwifery weekly walks will begin in Sacramento in January 2016. They have been a staple of my practice here in Long Beach and are a community favorite. I’m scoping out potential walking locations where we can walk 1-3 miles, ideally in a beautiful natural setting where it’s easy to push a stroller. Watch my Taproot Midwifery Facebook page for details. Hey Sacramento locals, what are your recommendations for places to walk? Leave us a comment about it!
  3. Taproot Midwifery is moving to an office! I’m in the process of finding the perfect office space for my sweet little practice. This will open up so many opportunities and allow me to have regular support groups, meetings, and classes (like fertility charting, legal workshops for queer parents-to-be, herbs for the childbearing year, introduction to performing the Arvigo Therapy self-care sequence, etc. etc. etc.). I’m so excited about having an office! I’m currently looking for an ideal location close to downtown Sacramento with easy access to public transportation. Which leads us to the next item…
  4. Low-cost clinic! There are some serious plans in the works for a regular low-cost clinic where you can receive excellent midwifery care. Prenatal and postpartum appointments, well-body exams, and Arvigo Therapy, all with the same high-quality care you expect from Taproot Midwifery. These appointments will be open to everyone, with a special focus on serving low-income folks, and on providing culturally competent and gender-affirming care for the LGBTQ population.
  5. Finally, I changed my name! My long-time partner Alexis and I got married on our 10 year anniversary with a small hand fasting attended by our families. I am now officially Krystel Viehmann Cunningfolk. It was a beautiful ceremony followed by the sweetest little honeymoon you could ever ask for. Can I tell you how much I LOVE that we have a family name? I can’t wait to start getting mail regularly addressed to “The Cunningfolks.” <3 <3 <3

So that’s it for now, folks. I can’t wait to settle into my new home in my new city. I can’t wait to meet all of your beautiful selves and see your smiling faces. I can’t wait to dive into a relocated practice and see what new and exciting things are going to come of that. Here’s to wrapping up an exquisite year and looking forward to another one even better than the last.

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One comment on “State of the Midwife: Sacramento Edition
  1. Carrie says:

    I’m so happy for the Community in Sacramento! Long Beach’s loss is your gain, a huge gain.

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