Midwifery Care

Taproot Midwifery provides complete holistic midwifery care prenatally, during labor and birth, and postpartum. I welcome you to come into care at any point in your1913222_10104634727650456_2828786679749189666_o pregnancy, but encourage you to begin by 12 weeks if you plan to see me as your sole care provider. It is very easy to transfer care to my practice if you have been seeing an OB for part of your pregnancy. Prenatal care follows the same schedule that all obstetric providers use.

Each appointment is an hour long so that I have plenty of time to answer all of your questions, check in about your health and wellbeing, and make sure your baby is doing well. Healthy parents grow healthy babies, and a big focus of my care is to make sure that you are getting adequate nutrition, sleep, exercise, and community support. The care at Taproot Midwifery  is collaborative which means that you and I work together closely to make plans to ensure a healthy pregnancy and birth. All decisions about medical procedures or testing are made through informed choice and it is your right to accept or decline any aspect of care.

When it comes time to have your baby, we will be in close communication. I will come to your house when you feel like you are needing midwifery support, usually when you are in active labor. During your labor, I will check in regularly on your vital signs and the baby’s heartbeat with my handheld doppler to make sure that things are progressing smoothly and safely. Additionally, I bring a well-stocked birth bag full of supplies and emergency equipment so that we are prepared should we need to use it. As you get close to pushing, I will call in a second licensed midwife to attend your birth so we have two trained and skilled sets of hands available. After the baby arrives, I typically stay for 3-4 hours, making sure everyone is stable and healthy and that the baby is latching well. Before I leave, I perform a head-to-toe newborn exam.

Midwives excel at postpartum care with frequent visits to ensure breast/chestfeeding is going well, to rule out postpartum depression, and to check in on how the transition is going and whether you are receiving adequate community or familial support. During the immediate postpartum period, you will continue to have full on-call access to me via phone.

Taproot Midwifery Care Schedule

  • Free initial consult
  • Intake appointment
    • We sign all of the necessary paperwork, answer your questions, orient you to our care, and do initial labwork and a full head-to-toe physical.
  • Prenatal appointments every 4 weeks during weeks 1-28
  • Prenatal appointments every 2 weeks from weeks 29-36
  • Prenatal appointments every 1 week from week 37 until the birth of your baby
  • Direct phone access to the midwife 24 hours a day from 37 weeks until the birth of your baby
  • Labor and birth
    • I will attend your labor beginning when you enter active labor or when you feel you need midwifery support.
    • Every birth is attended by two licensed midwives.
  • Postpartum appointments 24 hours after your birth, on day 3, at 1 week, at 2 weeks, and 6 weeks.

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