Monitrice Services

In addition to proving midwifery services at homebirths, Taproot Midwifery is honored to support all families no matter where they choose to have their babies. We offer monitrice services to families birthing in the hospital. Study after study show the benefits of having a skilled support present at your birth: shorter labors; less interventions like pitocin, epidurals, and cesarean births; higher APGAR scores for babies; lower perceived pain levels during labor; and higher satisfaction with the overall birth experience. Furthermore, hiring a doula or monitrice means that you have continual support throughout your labor no matter how long it is. Nurses have several patients to tend to, and partners periodically need to use the bathroom, take a nap, or get some fresh air.

Monitrices provide emotional, educational, and physical support during your pregnancy and birth to help you have the birth you want. Here’s what monitrice services look like at Taproot Midwifery:

During your pregnancy, we get to know you, your family, and your goals for this pregnancy and birth. We spend a lot of time chatting, answering questions, and getting comfortable with each other. We’ll recommend books, childbirth education classes, parent support groups, and ways to prepare yourself for this birth. We’ll talk about getting enough postpartum support, having the birth experience you want, and ways you and your partner can work together to make the best team ever.

I like to think of a monitrice as a super doula. As a monitrice, I do everything a doula does, but I have a couple of extra tricks up my sleeve. For one, I see you more often! We also get to do more fun things like feel your belly for the position of your baby, listen to your baby’s heartbeat, and take your vitals. During labor, I will also monitor your vitals and the baby’s wellbeing at home. I can also check your cervical dilation to help us stay home as long as possible before heading in to the hospital.

When it comes time to have your baby, I hold space for you as you labor, provide physical and emotional support as needed, help your partner make excellent connections with you, and demystify the birth process and any medical jargon you may hear. I can help you stay home as long as possible so that you can labor in your own environment where you are comfortable. This helps reduce your chances of unnecessary interventions at the hospital. Once we decide to go to the hospital, I act as a buffer between the hospital staff and environment and your family in order to protect the sacred labor space you are in. After your birth, I will stay a few hours until breastfeeding is started. I come and visit you again once you come home from the hospital. We’ll check in on how you and your family is doing, talk about your birth, and answer any questions that are coming up for you.

Taproot Monitrice Services include

  • Free initial consult
  • Intake appointment including a head-to-toe physical assessment and your medical history
  • Two additional prenatal appointments in your home
  • On-call for you 24 hours/day from 36 weeks until you have your baby
  • Attendance at your labor birth as soon as you want a monitrice present
  • Labor monitoring including maternal vitals, periodic fetal heart tone checks, and cervical dilation checks as requested
  • Remain with you for 2 hours after the birth, help with initial breastfeeding
  • Two postpartum appointments within the first few weeks, after you return home, to help with postpartum adjustment and breastfeeding

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