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Listen to Your Heart – How to Choose Your Midwife

Choosing your care provider is a big deal decision when you’re pregnant. Heck, just deciding where you want to have your baby may have been a job and a half. But now you’ve decided you want to have your baby at

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Meet YOUR Midwife

  “So, you’re involved in Mid-WIFE-ery? What IS that anyway?” “Wait, people still have their babies at HOME?” “You went to school for HOW MANY years to become a midwife? But I thought midwives didn’t have any training …” The

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Taproot Midwifery is Moving to Sacramento!

I have a big announcement that I’m very excited to share. I am so pleased to announce that Taproot Midwifery will be relocating to Sacramento, California in January 2016. I will continue to offer all of the same Taproot services:

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One Midwife’s Journey to Arvigo Therapy

About a year after opening up Taproot Midwifery, I noticed I was carrying around a lot of heartache. My clients were complaining about aches and pains in pregnancy that I couldn’t fix. How could I believe that having babies was the most natural,

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Happy Birthday!

Today I turn 30 years old! Getting ready for the next 30 to be even more amazing than the first.

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My Midwifery Ancestors

  My grandmother’s grandmother (which makes her my great great grandmother?), Augusta Natalie Nelson Anderson, was a midwife. She was born in born in Sweden we think in 1860, and died in Clear Lake Minnesota at the age of 95. When

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Welcome to the Taproot Midwifery Blog!

Welcome friends from both far and near! Welcome indeed to the very first Taproot Midwifery blog post. I’m so glad you’ve come to join us! This is my space to share what is going on in my life, my thoughts

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Taproot Midwifery welcomes all families regardless of race, sexuality, gender, family structure, class, country of origin, religion, age, and/or ability.